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Netflix has released a fantastic original lineup of TV series recently. Stranger Things, Luke Cage, and now we’ve got The OA, an intellectual fantasy-thriller with the right amount of mystery and curiosity.

The OA focuses on the story of Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling), or what happened to her before she referred to herself as “The OA.” She’s rescued after jumping off a bridge and reunited with her foster parents — she ran away from them. Prairie is different from before, though. She was once blind and can now see but won’t tell anyone what happened, with the exception of a group of five people.

The show dives into Prairie’s backstory — one that takes many twists — so pay close attention to the plot while viewing so it won’t catch you off guard. You feel your heart pounding and eyes watering in plenty of instances. You may even find yourself a bit bored, but you continue to watch because of the complexity. But keep going because each episode gets more exciting, as Prairie is forced to make bonds with other people in her situation and is visited by an oracle that makes sense of “the OA.”

The show creates a hunger to know more. Each episode is gut wrenching as Prairie and others go through her past. The antagonist of the story, Dr. Hap (Jason Isaacs) gets ahold of Prairie and changes her life around and puts her in a state of forced survival.

The cast lacks diversity, though, as there aren’t any characters of other ethnicities featured in prominence, for the most part, but the cast is well-selected talent wise. Isaacs brings the villainous flavors from his roles as Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter movie franchise and William Tavington from The Patriot to his role as Hap, and Brit Marling plays an effectively subtle character that wants to save others.

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– Leo Rydel
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