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If you’re a Hunger Games fanatic, you’ll love Netflix‘s new original show, 3%. Created by Pedro Aguilera and directed by Cesar Charlone (City of God), this thriller puts viewers in a dystopian universe where 3 percent of a poverty-stricken society makes it to a “promised land.” The only thing standing between them is a test called ‘The Process’ given to everyone at the age of 20.

Those who pass ascend, whereas those who don’t return to their broken society. With only two results, the test isn’t as brutal as those found in The Hunger Games; but the consequences are similar to those who don’t fit into a faction in the Divergent franchise.

‘The Process’ is a likable element of the story. It is a series of tests that each character must pass to get to the “promised land,” also called the Offshore. If someone fails, they’re sent back to their former community. As the characters continue through The Process, and as the episodes proceed, we learn more about their pasts and secrets, revealing their true natures.

3% has an obvious lack of budget; the setting doesn’t look as intricate as a story of this matter probably should. However, what makes the show worth it is the acting and storyline. Michele (Bianca Comparato) is a calm character with a sense of justice. The other lead character, Ezequiel (João Miguel), is a mysterious antagonist with dark secrets; he’s also head of The Process. Other characters like Fernando (Michel Gomes) and Rafael (Rodolfo Valente) contribute to the plot well.

The Offshore is never physically shown. It’s only talked about, which creates a nail-biting curiosity to it. What is it like? Is it comparable to our modern society or better? It’s hard to say. We know it’s a better opportunity for the characters given their undesirable condition. The Offshore keeps eyes glued to the eight-episode first season and, like the characters, we want to see how it looks and what its all about, lending to a great “mystery” element throughout the narrative.

3% is Netflix’s first Brazilian production. There’s a diverse cast where actors/actresses are multiple shades of skin color. While most series are dominated by a primarily white cast, I love how the Brazilian cast is a mix of all shades of color; from light to dark-skinned actors. It’s a fabulous detail from the lens of a black viewer, as a cast of diversity is rare.

Catch season one of 3% streaming on Netflix now. It’s the perfect new TV series for lovers of The Hunger Games/Divergent dystopian nation stories.

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– Leo Rydel
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