When one episode is not enough!

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Have you ever been in a certain mood and were looking for a show that perfectly matched that mood? Maybe you needed a show that was just as snarky as you felt that day or was as scandalous as the gossip going on in your office? Well, here is a brief but fun guide to shows you should watch when you’re in a certain mood.

 Ready to be scared!

  • Stranger Things – This show is also excellent for those who love 80s sci-fi movies.
  • American Horror Story – A series that explores the most twisted themes in American culture.
  • Supernatural – A supernatural show geared towards teens and adults in their early 20s.
  • The Haunting Hour – A R.L. Stine based family horror show great for the entire family.

 Wanting to solve a mystery!

  • The Killing – A dark drama about the politics of murder.
  • How to Get Away with Murder – Just in case you were wanting to do something bad and you know…get away with it.
  • Marcella – Because solving the murder of your husband’s mistress is always a good time.

 When you need a good laugh!

  • Real Husbands of Hollywood – This show is a hilarious, first-class spoof of housewife reality shows
  • Bob’s Burgers – A funny-as-hell animated show about a family who runs a burger shop.
  • Archer – An off-beat show about an extremely off-beat secret agent.

When you’re feeling scandalous!

  • Scandal – Come on, the explanation is in the title!
  • House of Cards – This is the best political show of all time, I assure you.
  • Mad Men – If you’re in to slower-paced shows with period drama aspects and workplace scandals

 Need a little dose of reality?

So here are my suggestions for when you’re in the mood to watch something on Netflix, but don’t know where to turn. What are some of your’s?


– Janiera Eldridge
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