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Over the past two years the term “Netflix and Chill” has become iconic – for one reason or another. Netflix, being the overachiever it always has been, has gone above and beyond and decided to dip its’ fingers into a new pot.

According to reports, Netflix has begun to develop its own strains of marijuana. Located solely in California at the moment, Netflix streaming company is working to release their own boutique strains of marijuana themed around specific TV shows. These strains are fashioned specifically so you can sink into your couch and get lost in the show that inspired them.

The following shows currently have their own strains: Orange is the New Black, Lady Dynamite, and Bojack Horseman. According to an interview with Netflix from Variety, each specific strain was developed and created specifically for these shows.

It’s really interesting to see Netflix dabble outside of their familiar zone. They have always been risk takers though, so it’s not really a surprise! Time will tell if this venture pays off, or if it’s a short lived promotional gig. With interest in marijuana growing, it could be a smart investment move on their part.

The original motivation behind the marijuana strains was to promote the new Kathy Bates-starring show, Disjointed (which is sadly receiving negative reviews thus far). The creator behind Disjointed is the same as Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men, so perhaps the imbibing audience is just the type needed to really make Disjointed take off.

The sale of the strains was only through Sunday, August 27, 2017, so you probably missed out. Chances are, if initial feedback on Netflix’s new venture went well, you might get the chance again, and maybe with a different show, that you really love. Then again, every business venture has its risks. There’s always the chance that customers will simply say, “Puff, puff, pass.”

– Jonna Feavel
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