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Interested in a thrilling new show? Check out Bloodline, a suspenseful thriller about one family’s old skeletons that quickly fall out of the closet as the episodes progress. (Disclaimer: Although this show is about family, it is definitely not for family audiences.)

The pilot–which aired in March of last year–opens with a party hosted by the Rayburns, an esteemed family that runs a seaside inn. But don’t be fooled by the family’s happy first impressions: the mood quickly stiffens with the introduction of Danny, the sarcastic older brother and black sheep of the Rayburn name.

From the beginning, Bloodline harbors an eclectic mix of characters. Sweet old couple Sally and Robert Rayburn have run their Floridian inn for over 50 years with the help of their children. John, the middle brother, is a detective for the Monroe County Police Department. With a wife, two kids, and a strong reputation amongst his colleagues, he’s arguably the most successful sibling. Kevin, the youngest brother, is a boat mechanic with a marriage on the line. And Meg, the youngest Rayburn, is a lawyer who’s having trouble straightening out her love life.

With Danny’s arrival, the plot quickly spirals as past allegations of abuse and neglect sear into the relationships between siblings. While some of the Rayburns hurry to bury their past, others are bloodthirsty, making it known that they aren’t looking to forgive anytime soon. Regardless, the slogan of the show echoes the sentiment of the family’s slights against each other: they aren’t bad people, but they did a bad thing.

And, a bonus: this dark family feud, pitted against the seaside calm, makes for a delightful contrast. With murders, mystery, drugs, troubled romance, and old family secrets, Bloodline is full of punches.

Curious? Twenty-three episodes are currently available on Netflix, with the release of the show’s second season premiering just last month. Happy binge-watching!

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