When one episode is not enough!

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Fall asleep during a show and wake up 2 seasons later wondering what the hell happened? Netflix has now created a new device that has put an end to you sleeping through your Netflix binges. Simply called “Netflix Socks,” these wool socks have a sewn-in electronic device that instantly pauses whatever a Netflix program you’re watching the moment you fall asleep.

If this product seems too good to be true, that’s because it slightly is. The biggest problem with Netflix socks is that you have to make them yourself. You have to knit the socks yourself and wire them electrically with a micro-controller and accelerometer in order to detect movements. This accelerometer is highly sensitive to motion so, it can easily tell the difference between someone sitting very still and someone sleeping. You will also have to do what Netflix says is “a little programming” and write a code for the infrared signal in your socks to sync with the TV. This seems like a lot of work just to stop you from sleeping through a season of friends!

The good thing, however, is that Netflix provides an eight-step do-it-yourself guide for the socks so you’re not left completely in the dark about how to build your own binge watching footwear. The guide also comes with instructions on how to make socks with Narcos, Master of None and House of Cards patterns. It’s not known whether you can simply wire a pair of normal socks rather than have to needle some new ones.

If you don’t feel like spending a ton of time (and surely money) on these socks, Netflix has rolled out technology that will cut down the bandwidth use to 20%. So the next time you fall asleep during a 3 a.m. binge watching session, you won’t have to feel guilty about your data usage.