When one episode is not enough!

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We all do it these days and binge watching is fast becoming many people’s primary source of television entertainment. However, if you want to take your binge watching session to another level, why not hold a binge watching party? Hosting a binge watching party is very easy to set up and it can provide hours and hours of fun one night for you, your best friends or family.

The most important part of any party is of course the food! Design your menu around the show you’re going to binge watch. Having a binge watching party with the girls to watch Orange is The New Black? Why not make up a menu of food that’s main color is orange? Do you love all of the scandalous politics going on during an episode of House of Cards? Throw a party and add cupcakes to your menu that have little play cards on the top! Whatever you do, make sure that your party is full of delicious food that even the characters from your favorite show will enjoy.

Every party needs good booze. Booze is just as easy to customize as food! Make a cocktail with oranges in it or have a friendly glass of wine to celebrate the return of Grace and Frankie. You can decorate the glasses with colorful party favors or glasses that match the theme of your favorite shows.

Don’t be afraid to show off and give out formal invites with all the trimmings. Facebook invites are nice, but it will really impress your friends if you take the time to give out classy invites.

The best part is that the main event of your party won’t cost you any extra money considering it is apart of the monthly fee you already pay! Just shell out money for booze and food and you have a party that people will be talking about around the water cooler for days.