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My Wife and Kids
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Michael Kyle is an old-fashioned man, who desires an old-fashioned, traditional, American family. However, Michael’s wife and kids lead very modern lives, giving Michael grief almost every step of the way. His wife Jay is a stay-at-home mom who runs circles around Michael’s ordinary business job, she herself, a verifiable stock market shark. Michael’s thickheaded son, Michael “Jr.” idolizes rappers and other hip-hop industry figures rather than his father, who tries and fails on many occasions to instill some common sense into his son. Finally, Michael’s two daughters – teenage Claire and grade schooler Kady – chase Michael around the house like human piranhas, Claire only desiring her father’s money and her own life and Kady clambering to win every argument with her father and to always have the last laugh.

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Time Commitment: 5 Seasons