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Mr. Robot
96%Overall Score
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Mr Robot is a USA Network original drama that many critics have deemed the best show of 2015. The show follows a young programmer with social anxiety disorder who has been recruited by mysterious entity known as “Mr Robot” to become a cyber-vigilante. With shocking plot twists, a bleak futuristic noir atmosphere, and a great cast, Mr Robot has something for everyone.

TitleMr Robot
CastRami Malek Elliot Alderson (11 episodes, 2015-2016)
Christian Slater Mr. Robot (11 episodes, 2015-2016)
Portia Doubleday Angela Moss (10 episodes, 2015)
Carly Chaikin Darlene (10 episodes, 2015)
GenresCrime, Drama
PlotFollows a young computer programmer who suffers from social anxiety disorder and forms connections through hacking. He’s recruited by a mysterious anarchist, who calls himself Mr. Robot.
IMDB Rating8.9
WritersSam Esmail (creator/writer) (created by)