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Mork and Mindy
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Mork from Ork was first introduced in the synonymous television program, Happy Days. It was the first breakout role for the late and great comedic genius, Robin Williams, who then earned a spin-off in the role in 1978’s Mork and Mindy. The story tells of the alien, Mork, who is sent to Earth by his superior, Orson, to observe and report the behaviors of humans. Mork quickly adheres to the style of Earth attire, although in a quirky way, wearing his clothes backwards, and saying “KO” instead of “OK”, greeting humans with the traditional Orkan greeting, “Na-nu, Na-nu,” a catchphrase which became popular because of the show. Mindy, a 21-year old Colorado native, finds Mork and befriends him after a falling out with her boyfriend. Mork tells Mindy of his true nature when she finds his behavior to be too unusual. Mindy allows Mork to live in her attic, the two’s relationship going from friendly to romantic in later seasons.

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Time Commitment: 4 Seasons