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Doctor Foster is a low key, yet intense drama about a doctor who seems to have it all, but whose life is slowly unraveling. Dr. Gemma Foster seems like she has it all together. She’s a brilliant doctor with a beautiful home, a seemingly loving husband and son, along with plenty of friends. However, when she discovers a long blond hair on her husband’s coat, she knows something isn’t right. Her husband also starts acting very strangely. Convinced he is having an affair, Dr. Foster begins to investigate. The deeper Doctor Foster goes into her investigation, the darker the secrets she uncovers. Foster soon becomes obsessed with her husband’s affair, which leads her and the people around her down a very dark path.

This series is truly engaging from episode one. At first you’re not sure whether or not Foster is imagining the affair in her head. Her actions from the very beginning are morally troubling and sometimes completely unethical. The show can be a real nail-biter, as there are several times Doctor Foster interacts with the other characters where you are waiting with baited breath to see what happens next.

The show is a high-quality melodrama and some parts even feel like a soap opera. It is extremely well written however, without a lot of clunky dialogue. The characters are believable, although sometimes it is hard to figure out why Doctor Foster is so smart in the medical field, but so dumb when it comes to matters of the heart. Actress Suranne Jones plays Doctor Foster in an extremely believable fashion which makes you both love and hate her. Jones won a British Academy Television Award for Best Actress which is no surprise at all. The series was recently announced to have a season two premiering in 2017. Considering that the story feels completely told, it will be interesting to see what they come up with next.

You can stream all 5 episodes of this BBC series right now on Netflix.

– Janiera Eldridge

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