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We at Bingeout can certainly appreciate a solid binge-watching session, but when you hear how long the Guinness World Record holder binged, you’re going to wonder how much bingeing is too much. Alejandro Fragoso is a binge watcher that very few people could ever beat! In April, Fragoso – from Brooklyn – set the Guinness World Record by binge-watching shows for 94 consecutive hours.

Yup, you read that right, 94 consecutive hours!

Towards the end, my brain was struggling to comprehend a lot of what we were watching,” he says. “The slower episodes, with not a lot going on were easier for me to digest. It was around the beginning of the final day that I tried to watch ‘Better Call Saul’ … but I was so out of it, I was having trouble piecing together what I was watching.”

Fragoso prefers to watch most shows at his own pace, but he will make an exception for buzzworthy shows. He prefers watching programs like Game of Thrones live because they are so often spoiled way before the season wraps up. Then there are other shows he waits for until he can binge on a lazy Saturday. Fragoso says he never binges while on the job as an iOS developer for Fuzz. He saves most of his binge watching for the weekend. He watches only one episode per night on the weekdays, although he said he broke that rule for the highly praised Netflix show Stranger Things.

Fragoso is also a unique binge watcher because he only binges one show at a time. He also binges on his desktop computer just as much as he binges on his TV. He admitted to detoxing his body by drinking water and eating a lot of fruit. He also stopped drinking Coffee and started getting plenty of regular sleep. He said he wanted his body to be in the best shape possible for the marathon because he knew the binge would destroy him physically and he was absolutely right.

I can still remember it as feeling miserable, very much like you’re in a fog,” he says about the end of the marathon binge. “It took a little while for my body to slow down. I had been forcing myself to stay awake for the past four days, so my body was still in that zone. I had to break down the walls I had built up the past several days.”

After the binge was over, Fragoso slept for 12 hours. He then got up, had a meal with a beer and then went back to sleep for another 12 hours. He said he has binge watched a few shows since his marathon in April although he does it a lot less frequently.
Do you think you could binge-watch shows for 94 hours or would your body never allow you to? The longest I’ve ever binge watched is 4 hours, what about you?


– Janiera Eldridge
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