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Recently added to the free streaming site Crackle is Season 2 of Mad About You, an all-American sitcom that aired for seven seasons over the span of a decade in the 90s (1992–1999). Filmmaker Paul Buchman and PR specialist Jamie Stemple Buchman are newlyweds living in Manhattan, where they live in an urban apartment. The couple—played by Richard Kind and Helen Hunt—has their differences: while Paul is rational and cautious, Jamie is more adventurous. Despite this, the pair is set on keeping their flame alive as they navigate their married life together. Since its release, this quirky romantic comedy has won four Golden Globes out of thirteen nominations, and twelve Emmy Awards out of thirty-four. (Fair warning: don’t let little Jimmy sit in for this one—this may not be the most family-friendly show).

The first season—which contains 22 episodes—explores the themes of sex after marriage, balancing social lives outside of marriage, lazy Sundays, and dealing with difficult neighbors. The couple faces many firsts, including their first major purchase together, joint will-planning, and getting trapped in the bathroom together on Valentine’s Day. Parents visit, ex-girlfriends are accidentally encountered, and former acquaintances show up out of the woodwork.

The zany but slice-of-life nature of the show continues in Season 2, where the couple encounters many realistic situations—including illness in the family, pregnancy scares, mother-in-law troubles, and temporary long-distance relationship issues. Strange investments are made without consulting the other spouse, old love letters are unveiled, and an all-nighter adventure is attempted by the Buchman duo.

As a bonus: keep an eye out for Season 2’s guest stars, including professional tennis player Andre Agassi, Ed Asner from 2003’s Elf, and 1964’s The Addams Family’s John Astin.

Curious? All 25 episodes of the show’s second season are available here. Happy binging!

– JoAnna Mak
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