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We at bingeout.com love nothing more than a binge watching day or evening at home. In fact, this past Sunday, we just had a blast group binge watching the new Netflix series Luke Cage. However, according to the star of Luke Cage, Mike Colter , binge watching is “disturbing”

“The budgets are high and the quality of the show is tremendous because you can tell a character-driven tale over a span of time – not two and a half hours, but we’re talking about 13 hours. People look at them like mini movies,” he said. “People [will] binge and watch it in two days, but it took us six months to [film] that!” he added. “When it comes to how fast they watch it, it’s a little disturbing.”

Although Colter’s words aren’t exactly insulting, his implication that people should go back to traditional TV watching is a bit ridiculous. Who cares about the way people are consuming your show as long as they watch it right? I know it didn’t take them 13 hours to make season 1 or else trust me, no one would be binge watching that garbage.

Audiences still respect the quality of a show even when they binge watch it in an entire day. It’s the quality of a show that keeps us focused on one show for hours at a time. There have been several shows I was more than ready to devour with bated breath, but after the first episode, I struggled to watch anymore. Either the show didn’t keep my attention or it just wasn’t very good.

There is a lot of pressure for a new show to knock things out of the park on the first episode, but that’s a good thing. There is so much on television now that shows should be forced to compete with each other for our attention. We are no longer stuck with a show just because there is nothing else to watch. There is always something to watch!

So, while I’m sure Colter and his beautiful self meant his comments in a slightly humorous way, don’t bite the hand that feeds you man. Part of Luke Cage’s power is that it is so binge-worthy. Yes, it could compete on network television, but it’s currently on Netflix. Netflix is the capitol of binge watching so what did he expect? Let’s hope that after everyone binge watches season 1, they will still be as excited about binge watching season 2.

You can listen to the full interview here.


– Janiera Eldridge
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