When one episode is not enough!

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It’s the best season yet and it’s finally on Netflix, iZombie Season Three has arrived. Liv, (Rose McIver, The Lovely Bones) Ravi, (Rahul Kohli, Supergirl), Detective Babineaux, (Malcolm Goodwin, American Gangster) and the rest of the goofy gang are back with a fury and quite possibly a solution to the undead epidemic and you’ll never guess what it is!

Check out the trailer for iZombie Season Three, below:

Facing a full blown pandemic of the zombie virus that stemmed from the combination of tainted Utopium and Max Rager energy drinks, both zombie and human forces are racing to gain the upper hand in preparation of Discovery Day – a day when all of mankind comes to know about the zombies living among us, a day both humans and zombies should fear. With 10 times the action and comedy, a strong social commentary, and a finale that will blow you away, you won’t want to miss out on iZombie Season Three on Netflix.

If you don’t happen to watch iZombie as all new episodes premiere on The CW don’t sweat it. Many of us have switched to streaming services like Netflix or Hulu exclusively due to their convenience and undeniably more affordable rates. The downside is sure, we may have to wait longer to see new episodes but when we do we are 100% inclined to binge through them once they hit our streaming service. That being said, if you are new to the kickass, crime fighting adventures of zombified medical examiner Liv, than there’s no time like the present to sit down and watch iZombie from the very beginning. Believe me when I tell you this series is beyond worthy of your weekend or sci-fi binge.

iZombie is a highly recommended series for fans of shows like Santa Clarita Diet, Dimension 404, The Strain, Once Upon a Time, Pretty Little Liars, Miss 2059, The Flash, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Scream Queens and Jessica Jones.

Time commitment: 3 seasons

– Rachael Rumancek
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