When one episode is not enough!

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Who doesn’t enjoy sitting down with their favorite drink and snack combination, the remote and binge watching a couple of hours away? Netflix let’s you do that with every plot-twist filled show they have. Hulu however, seems to be trying to control how many episodes of their shows you can watch at time. Hulu is very new to the original programming format and it’s causing some of the dedicated binge watchers out there to cringe. When you stream the first episode of a show and fall in love with it, you eagerly want to watch the next episode. Hulu will leave you wanting more like any other cable or network channel.

With so many shows being available for binge watching sessions, presenting shows in a weekly format could cause people to lose interest quickly. Show watchers often admit to not liking a show right away, but after binge watching several more episodes they grow to enjoy the show. If people have to watch a show one episode at a time, they may quite watching after the first episode rather than coming back for more an entire week later. Since Hulu nor Netflix release how many people watch their original programming, it’s hard to tell if Hulu’s weekly format is working or not. There are many shows on Hulu that can be binge watched. It seems like making their original shows air on a weekly basis goes against their binge watching image.

As a binge watcher myself, I was very turned off when I found out their recent series 11.22.63 would be released at a pace of one episode each week. The story has a very fast nature and it’s perfect to watch in a couple of binge watching sessions. Even though the show is great, some weeks I forget it has even been uploaded. Had it been uploaded all at one time, I would have remembered to watch all episodes at once.

There’s not a lot of mainstream talk about Hulu’s original programming. Even with some of the online coverage 11.22.63 has received, it certainly hasn’t garnered the buzz that shows like Orange is The New Black has. If Hulu doesn’t change the way they stream their original programming, they may never keep up with Netflix.