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A recent article was spread across the internet that binge watching was extremely unhealthy due to the fact that you’re sitting down for long periods of time and watching television. While this is true, I counteracted this statement with my own article about how you can partake in binge watching while maintaining healthy eating and exercise habits. While the article against binge watching seemed to scare many people into cutting down on their binge watching time, this article didn’t deter me at all. Binge watching has almost become a necessary part of modern day entertainment and I refuse to believe otherwise.

The definition of binge watching is watching 3 or more episodes in a row of one show. To me, three hours of your day watching a television show is not all that bad. If you’re watching a comedy that’s only 25 minutes each, then you may only be binge watching for an hour and half a day at the least. With the movies and other forms of entertainment becoming more and more expensive all of the time, binge watching is one of the cheapest forms of entertainment out there. Netflix’s average subscription only cost $10 and Hulu is only $8. If you grab a few dollar drinks and snacks from your local grocery store for you and your friends to enjoy during a hot afternoon indoors, you have hours of entertainment for practically free.

Binge watching has also allowed me to discover shows I never thought I’d enjoy. Nothing is better than finding a 90s show everyone loved, but you couldn’t watch because you were only a kid, and devouring it in a couple of days. Binge watching has inspired me to write better stories during my writing time and to seek out different stories to read when I’m in the mood for something other than television. Binging has provided me with hours of watercooler type talk that got me through long and pointless days on my job. Binge watching has pretty much crept its way into my everyday life and I’m not sorry one bit. As long as I’m not neglecting my responsibilities, my family or my health, I will never be sorry for watching a couple of hours of my favorite show as a form of escapism. As long as you’re happy with your binge watching life, then binge on! Don’t forget to take a long walk or two and eat healthy snacks.

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