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With online streaming becoming one of the main ways people consume media these days, its no wonder that live streaming has taken off so well. Much to many peoples’ dismay, it was recently announced that the six second loop-able video app, Vine, was being discontinued. The creators of Vine were quick to announce their new app however, called Hype. Hype is another tool for live broadcasting, but it has a whole lot more to offer its users.

Broadcasters can layer their videos with photos, other videos, animated GIFs, emoji and text. Users can move these things around the screen, add or delete them as the broadcast is being recorded.

Hype is meant to make live streaming more engaging with the audience. By adding more editing tools, a live broadcast can feel just like a pre-recorded broadcast. Hype even allows the audience’s comments to appear in the video like chat bubbles so that the maker of the video can respond to them in real time. If the audience enjoys the broadcast, they press a button to light it up with sparkles.

With the press of a finger you can change your background to fit what you’re trying to say. You can also change the shape of the screen to star, hexagon or triangle. Once you have all of your features set up, you can press “Go Live” and watch the show begin! If making videos is for you, this is the perfect way to build an audience. People can subscribe to your channel, so they can be alerted when you have a new video. If you simply like watching live videos, this app couldn’t be easier or more fun to use. A click of a button will keep you updated with your most favorite video star.

The Hype app is sure to give Facebook Live a run for its money with all of its flashy and fun gadgets. The fact that you can stream it on your phone as well as your computer makes it a lot of fun and diverse, allowing you to watch or broadcast from almost anywhere.

Will you be using the new Hype app to watch or make live broadcasts?

– Janiera Eldridge
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