When one episode is not enough!

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Many Hulu subscribers have complained for years that it wasn’t fair that Netflix didn’t have commercials and Hulu did. It’s important to keep in mind that Hulu airs it’s shows almost always the day after they appear on TV and Netflix makes viewers wait an entire season before viewing the show. However, commercials still seemed to turn many people off.Well, those people will be happy to know that now viewers can purchase a commercial free plan for $11.99.

The commercial free plan is $4.00 a month more expensive then the limited commercial free plan that’s only $7.99. The limited commercial plan really does stick to it’s word as the highest amount of commercials seen during one commercial break is usually only 4. The commercial breaks are still much shorter than those that are normally seen on TV. There are no other extras added to the $11.99 Hulu plan either, an absence of commercials is all you’re going to get. Viewers who have multiple streaming services should consider whether paying the extra $4.00 is really worth the cost of skipping a few pesky commercials. The fees of each streaming service can add up pretty quickly. Few streamers have just one streaming service. If you’re streaming from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and any other streaming service then that $4 might make a difference to your entertainment budget.

Each streamer has to ask themselves: Limited commercials on Hulu or no commercials on Hulu, that is the ultimate question? Thank Goodness Hulu is keeping both options open to allow their customers to determine what works best them.