When one episode is not enough!

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Since Hulu’s December 2016 announcement of the launch of user personal profiles, the streaming service has updated their application so that it now supports user profiles on users’ mobile devices as well. The new update is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. No big announcement was made; they opted for a quiet rolling out of the service.

This really isn’t surprising news since many of us practically live in our phones, for better or for worse. It works just like it would on non-mobile devices as far as features go, so the experience will be just as personalized and parents have the ability to create profiles for their children, which means they have the ability to filter inappropriate suggestions or history that are on the same account. This development is highly convenient for those who favor mobile devices over computers and televisions or seek Hulu entertainment or news sources on the go.

Procedures seem to be the same, whatever device is used; users can only use one profile to watch at a time, not matter the number on the account and that includes all devices registered to the account. This move also gives Hulu a competitive spot in the TV/News services industry since they also plan to go into live streaming in the near future.

A few setbacks have popped up according to Apple and Google Play reviewers; those would include the following: One has to start the personalization process over, having to answer the little questionnaire again, but honestly, that sounds like a first world “problem.” Other issues or complaints are that screen resolution choices and profile pictures should be added, but if other streaming services are any kind of indicator, or as far as the usual friendly competition between any businesses in the same industry goes, these services will probably follow suit.

– Kelly Gatewood
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