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Home Improvement
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Home Improvement is an ABC original sitcom series, first airing on the network in 1991 and running for eight seasons until May 1999. Home Improvement follows Tim Taylor and his family: his wife, Jill and their three sons, Brad, Randy, and the youngest, Mark. Tim is the stereotypical red-blooded, American family man who loves everything sports, cars, and power tools-related. Tim’s neighbor, Wilson, often offers Tim advice from the other side of the family’s backyard fence, Wilson’s face always slightly obscured. Tim also runs a company-sponsored DIY tool show, called “Tool Time”. During the show, Tim is joined by his friend and assistant, Al, as the two show viewers how to do DIY projects around the home, Tim being extremely accident-prone, causing many disastrous accidents on and off the air. In the meantime, Tim’s wife, Jill, looks to re-start her career path, and Tim’s older sons mercilessly pick on their younger brother, as all three boys pester each other to no end.

Time Commitment: 8 Seasons