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Hemlock Grove: Your Next Horror Binge

Hemlock Grove was a Netflix original series from executive producer Eli Roth, running for three seasons and airing from 2013 to 2015. Originally based on Brian McGreevy’s novel of the same name, Hemlock Grove is a wildly eccentric horror thriller with significantly more than meets the eye. Incorporating aspects of Norse, Romani, and Ukrainian lore, it is both addictive and innovative. With a cast full of fan favorites, Hemlock Grove certainly holds a prominent ranking on my list of binge worthy series. Although it may not be a family-friendly show for your next binge session, it is bloody, exciting and it is definitely sexy.

The first thing you need to know about Hemlock Grove is that only the first season of the series was based off of McGreevy’s original novel. This factor may not seem key, however by season two there is a dramatic change in plot, events, and details you may notice, leaving many plot holes and plenty of room for criticism. I urge you to look beyond these minor hiccups, those minuscule details are not worth missing out on this bloody spectacular series.

Now for anyone who likes to nerd out on mythology and ancient lore, this Netflix original truly is a diamond in the rough. A bloody, filthy diamond, but a diamond none the less. Vampires and werewolves have always been popular amongst fans of the supernatural, but it isn’t always easy creating an innovative curve to keep them fresh and interesting to viewers. Cleverly, the writers take supernatural beings and provide a history to their origins as well as technical terminology and subcultural lore. Upirs, Romanichal werewolves, mediums, and some sort of creepy Norse Jörmungandr dude rocking ugly sweaters all the time, you won’t be disappointed.

Featuring some of Hollywood’s already established talent as well as many fresh faces, Hemlock Grove is oozing with on set chemistry and acting that seems to flow from these thespians almost effortlessly, captivating and submerging you into their stories. Famke Janssen (The Faculty, Swingers), Landon Liboiron (The Howling: Reborn, Altitude), Bill Skarsgård (Battlecreek, It), and Lili Taylor (The Haunting, The Conjuring), are just some of the familiar faces you can expect to see in this thrilling Netflix original horror series.

Monsters, mutants, gore, lore, science, and sex; Hemlock Grove certainly is a complex and intriguing choice, perfectly suitable for your next horror binge out session. So, Netflix and chill anyone?

Seasons: 3
Episode Count:33
Approximate Run Time: 28 hours
Currently Streaming On: Netflix

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