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Harper’s Island was a mystery miniseries that premiered in the summer of 2009. There was a lot of talk about this thrilling show and all my friends were geared up to watch it that year. Harper’s Island was a real who-done-it about a group of family and friends who gather together on a secluded island to have a fun wedding celebration. There’s only one problem however, this island is well known as the location of a mass killing. History is definitely due to repeat itself on this beautiful island as people from the bride and groom’s wedding party are slowly murdered. Since this show takes place on an island that looks like paradise, the show’s cinematography is a big part of what makes it great. To have such gruesome murders set against such a beautiful landscape is a real thrill for all mystery lovers.

The cast is made up of mostly unknown actors (although many of them had great careers after the show) who give very believable performances. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the show is the fact that all the characters are very different even if sometimes they are a little stereotypical. It also makes it a lot harder to figure out who is going around killing everyone. A good mystery keeps you guessing until the very end and this one certainly achieves that. To go into detail about some of the smaller plot lines would be spoiling the entire show. This show has to be watched carefully and because of the exciting as well as constant plot twists, it makes for a pulse-pounding binge watching session.

This is a great show to watch with friends while having drinks, as there are some very shocking moments you’re going to want to share with someone else. Sadly, the show did not get picked up for a second season that would feature a new mystery, but thank goodness we got at least one glorious season out of this show.You can watch all 13 forty-minute episodes on Amazon Prime.