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Welcome to Harper’s Island – a fictitious island off the coast of Maine and home to one hell of a classic whodunit-style mystery with a modern appeal. Originally airing for 13 weeks in 2009, Harper’s Island is a commonly overlooked and quite sadly under-appreciated Stephen King adaptation. If you’re currently in the market for your next binge worthy and totally mysterious horror-thriller than this star studded series is the one for you.

Harpers Island 2

After returning to her hometown – and the site of a very grisly crime from her youth – Abby Mills (Elaine Cassidy, The Others) returns home in support of her best friend Henry’s (Christopher Gorham, Ugly Betty) wedding. Like a perfectly aligned domino effect, wedding guests begin dropping like flies as Abby closes in on the shocking truth of events both past and present.

Featuring more than just a couple of familiar faces, Harper’s Island is as star-studded as it is mysterious and charming. With Jim Beaver (Supernatural, Breaking Bad), Katie Cassidy (Supernatural, Arrow), Cameron Richardson (Holy Ghost People, Shameless), Brandon Jay MacLaren (The Killing, Slasher), Chris Gauthier (Supernatural, Once Upon A Time), C.J. Thomason (Husk, The Moneky’s Paw) and many more, Harper’s Island has a built-in nostalgia that will be greatly appreciated by fans of series like Supernatural, The Killing and Smallville. Still unsure? Just check out the trailer for Harper’s Island, below:

If you’re in the mood for some solid suspense with a neo-noir and Agatha Christie vibe than be sure to give Harper’s Island a shot. Currently streaming one season of 13 episodes – running approximately 40 minutes a piece, this murder-mystery would be a great series to leave on your weekend binge-watch list.

Why It’s Worth The Binge: If you’re a fan of titles like The Killing, April Fool’s Day, Once Upon A Time, Revenge, Hemlock Grove, Wayward Pines and Broad Church then be sure to catch Harper’s Island streaming on Hulu, Amazon Prime, Amazon Video, iTunes, and Vudu.

– Rachael Rumancek
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