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Hap and Leonard
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Hap and Leonard takes place in the late 1980s in the fictional East Texas town of LaBorde, a swampy settlement, where Hap Collins (James Purefoy) and Leonard Pine (Michael Kenneth Williams) are best friends, both having been haunted by their collective pasts. Leonard is a man in his late forties who spent many years in prison for refusing to be drafted for Vietnam combat in the 60s. He’s a man who abhors violence, often taking the more passive approach, whereas his friend Leonard, an openly gay Vietnam veteran, relishes violence and believes it to be a very viable solution to many problems, often being confused by his skittish friend’s lack of approval towards it. Throw in a femme fatale in Hap’s ex, who wants to rekindle their relationship, a boatload of money at the bottom of a river, the cops, and two murderous, rogue psychopaths, and you’ve got a mix for one heck of a show.

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Time Commitment: 1 Season