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Halloween Binging On Roku - A Definitive Guide
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Well, it is that time of the year again with the weather getting cooler in some areas of the country, the smell of campfires in the air, and pumpkin spice everything. Unless you live in a cabin in the woods, it means Fall, and what is the centerpiece of the fall season? Halloween, and Halloween means binge-watching your favorite monster movies, but where? Well, fret not my little horror junkies, Binge Out to the rescue! Here is your guide to Halloween binge-watching on roku.


This curated TV run by the lovely mistress, Rhonda, features programming from the greatest Horror hosts of yesterday and today, including The Angry Brothers, Omaha Shock O’ Rama, The Mummy and the Monkey, and Dr Destruction’s Crimson Theatre.

INC Horror Channel

INC curates a number of channels dealing with many genres that are broken down by channel. The horror channel carries indie and classic horror movies and hosted horror programs from the TV ghouls from the past and present.

Exploitation TV

Exploitation TV is the only pay service mentioned, but is very reasonable ($10.00/month). The beauty of this channel is not only do you get the best in funky indie horror, but also some classic monster movies and classic 70’s exploitation films.

All these channels can be had by purchasing a roku streaming device and going to A bit of searching and  you will find many, many horror themed channels which do carry the same movies being of the public domain variety, but half the fun is combing through the channels to find that hidden gem that makes your Halloween binge session memorable.