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A show that first aired in 2012, The Mob Doctor is a “resuscitation” of both the medical-drama and mafia-thriller worlds.

Dr. Grace Devlin (played by Jordana Spiro) is a bright young surgeon who finds herself striking a deal with the Chicago Mafia’s Paul Moretti – to pay off her brother Nate’s gambling debt, she works off-the-record for the mob. However, her eagerness to save her brother is challenged by the mob’s steep orders, which quickly devolve into severe requests, such as killing off patients.

A power struggle burgeons within the Chicago Southside as Constantine Alexander (played by William Forsythe), former boss of the mafia, takes control of the mob from Moretti. Grace aligns herself with Constantine, who delivers her gruesome orders as he struggles to keep the mob in his hands. Some major players: undercover FBI agent Franco Leoni, who’s also Grace’s ex, and Constantine’s personal enforcer, furiously working to stop the mob; Brett Robinson, Grace’s boyfriend, with whom she struggles to remain honest with; Stafford White, the Chief of the Surgical Department who has a soft spot for Grace; and Al Trapani, the Northside boss whom Constantine tries to work with.

Throughout the show, Grace struggles with her new double life as she balances a day job as a budding surgeon, caring for her family, and taking orders from the mob. Faced with a slew of moral dilemmas, Grace quickly swallows her pride as she acts as a part-time doctor and hitman for Chicago’s deadliest. But near the end of the season, a new question emerges: will Grace’s double life be revealed?

The show has been met with mixed reception, but works as a great guilty pleasure for any medical or mafia binger. On The Mob Doctor, Diane Werts from Newsday noted that the series “isn’t like any other show…with its mad mix of moral dilemmas, medical crises, family ties, double-life-living and, y’know, rubouts.”

Curious? All thirteen episodes from the first season are available on Crackle here. Happy Bingeing!

– JoAnna Mak
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