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Growing Pains
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Straight from 1985 and airing on ABC, Growing Pains tells the story of a New York family and their struggles as the kids grow up. The father is a psychiatrist who works from home, while the mother goes back to her job as a journalist. While trying to accomplish their career goals, the husband and wife also have to juggle their home life, tending to their less-than-perfect children. Mike is 15, a slacker, and incredibly irresponsible; Carol is 14, makes straight As but is shy beyond belief; and Ben is 9 and pretty much tries to emulate and behave in every way his older brother does. Later in the series, a fourth child is born and is “aged up” in subsequent seasons to become the youngest in the family. As the series runs on, the kids mature and learn what growing pains are really all about.

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Time Commitment: 7 Seasons