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Putting aside the hosts’ commentary on the president-elect and taking a look at what the Golden Globes is actually about, it has become obvious that streaming corporations continue to climb in the world of television, particularly in their competition with publicly broadcasted shows. According to Business Insider, if one includes Amazon, Netflix, and HBO in the “Streaming Services” category, they make up a whopping 70% of the Golden Globe nominations.

For Netflix, 5 nominations came from The Crown and Stranger Things, The Crown pulling in the win. Amazon came away with three nominations made possible by Goliath, Transparent, and Mozart in the Jungle, winning Best Actor in Drama TV series with Billy Bob Thornton in Goliath. HBO really takes the cake, though, for an unexpected twist. Despite their fourteen overall (yes, fourteen) nominations, they walked away empty handed. FX and AMC weren’t slackers, though. FX left with four wins and AMC with three.

So, a question: If, as indicated, tastes of the populous and Golden Globe voters favor shows made by streaming services and the ease of access to the streaming services over traditional television viewing, then, is this the solidifying of the shift of regular television entertainment from public broadcasting and cable television networks to internet streaming?

For example, Hulu has already begun to offer live television services, and HBO, among other TV networks, provides streaming of their live shows online after they’ve shown first on the network. DVRs provide instant on-demand entertainment. Many of us rely on Internet and Wi-Fi devices for weather, news, and entertainment, and use a television for its screen size rather than its cable connection. However, people have yet to truly abandon the stage for the television, or a physical book for the digital download.

So, in light of a new year, here’s a toast to another year of quality entertainment, knowing something good when we’ve got it, and the freedoms of capitalism.

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– Kelly Gatewood
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