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Bringing us back to Verizon’s network Go90 again this month is their new hit thriller series from writer/director Emily Diana Ruth, Cold. Nothing short of satisfyingly suspenseful and surprisingly addictive, you can catch new episodes of Cold every Thursday streaming on their website or app, always free. Another well written and skillfully polished indie gem, this puzzling story is full of familiar faces, emerging talent and a very charming realism that will suck you bingers right into the story’s icy setting.

Set in the frozen terrains of Canada amidst the chaos of lies, betrayal and murder, sixteen year old Isla Wallis heads out on a journey to discover the truth behind her mother’s untimely death. After receiving a letter from her incarcerated father whom she believed to be dead, Isla runs away to face the man she believes to have killed her mother. Turning up more than one stone on her journey to discover the truth surrounding her family, Isla finds herself investigating a mysterious string of deaths from thirteen years earlier that plagued the local Native American reservation’s population of young women and may very well have been related to her mother’s demise. With the help of her fierce and sassy new friend Tina (played by Devery Jacobs of Another Wolfcop), they set out to discover the cold hard truth behind the unsolved crimes of the past while running from the present.

Headlining the cast as Cold’s inquisitive and determined leading young lady, Isla Wallis, is the talented and equally young actress, Annalise Basso. If her name sounds familiar you may remember her from her roles in hit horror titles like Oculus, Ouija: Origin of Evil, or even HBO’s genre bending vampire adaptation, True Blood. Typically playing supporting roles, this porcelain skin prodigy and rising star shines vibrantly bright amongst a cast of talented costars and familiar faces such as Todd Lowe (Gilmore Girls, True Blood), Tammy Isbell (Heroes Reborn, Bitten) and up and coming teen heart throb, Marcus Johns (Expelled, The Punisher). Great writing and directing, a distinguishable chemistry among the cast and a notable realism are just a few reason to binge out on this exciting new thriller.

After screening the entire first season I can tell you (spoiler-free of course) loyal-bingers that Cold is a series horror and suspense fans won’t want to miss out on. Although the storyline is based on violent events, the limited amount of visual violence and harsh language make this series suitable for most ages as it plays more on the viewer’s psychological fear than it does graphic content. In addition to enjoying this series for free each episode has a runtime of approximately 10 minutes, keeping to the Go90’s promises of convenience and accessibility.

If crime dramas, murder-mysteries, and/or teen screams and thrillers are your cup of tea, than all I can say is that Cold is your next refreshment. You can stream the first episode here and until next time, bingers, stay scared!

– Rachael Rumancek
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