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Free for your enjoyment is another convenient and fantastic binge selection courtesy of Go90. Miss 2059 is a clever science fiction comedy that is as equally well written as it is acted. Reminiscent of multiple pop-culture favorites, yet completely fresh and stand-alone with its plot, Miss 2059 is sure to be your next futuristic favorite.

Steeped in a wonderfully Whovian feel, Miss 2059 immediately transports us viewers to a Satellite Five-esque location, where as to be expected, some live-or-die Hunger Games-like shenanigans are going down. Forced to fight in hopes to have their home planet spared from absolute devastation, two estranged sisters leading completely opposite lives must come together to ensure the survival of their home and everyone living on it. I would fully recommend this series to all fans of Doctor Who, or those of The Hunger Games, and I would also like to reiterate that Miss 2059 will captivate its viewers with its delightfully unique concept, as well as its impressive array of fresh talent all on its very own.

Created by the show’s brilliant and flawless leading lady, Anna Akana, and starring Pretty Little Liars actress Nikki SooHoo, as well as Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23’s studly parrot-boy Hartley Sawyer, there is more than one familiar face to be ogled here. Being gorgeous is not the only thing this cast has in common though. Science fiction for sure, Miss 2059 is also an unsung and out of this world comedy, literally. Hilarious around every turn, the series also has some pretty heavy moralistic undertones. Teaching us that being true to ourselves, whether we may be in unfathomable peril or at the demands of another wishing to mold you into what they think you need to be, being true to ourselves is the only way to live.

Although the underlying themes of this series are quite deeper than meets the eye, Miss 2059 is pro peace, light-hearted, and comedic in nature, making it open for all ages to enjoy. Currently streaming on Go90, Miss 2059 is both free to watch and easily accessible on your device as well, with their app. Episodes are short, snappy and hilarious, running between five and 10 minutes in length and at 12 episodes you could easily sit back and binge out on this adorably badass series instead of your next movie night selection.

Confident that Miss 2059 is bound to be as beloved by you as it was by me, Anna Akana’s series is hilariously entertaining, morally satisfying, and aesthetically stimulating for everyone. Never a dull moment or short on giggles, make sure you watch Anna Akana’s quirky and geeky indie series. Still not sure? Just check out the trailer!

– Rachael Rumancek
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