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Four Reasons to Watch “Dead Like Me” on Amazon Prime right now!

So this show is a particular favorite of mine, even earning itself a hardcopy of both seasons on my top shelf. Originally airing in 2003, this short-lived cult classic consisted of only two seasons, and a movie of the same title, (to later be released in 2009). Although the movie is not included in the Amazon Prime free streaming service it isn’t really necessary for you to enjoy the show, although, it is always nice to finish what you started.

The 90’s was [arguably] one of the best decades for slasher films since the 1970’s. There was a rise in slasher and stalker films again, giving birth to the next generation of final girls. ‘Dead Like Me’ features two of my favorite, lesser known, never got the spotlight they deserved, bad *** beauties; the charismatic Rebecca Gayheart (Urban Legend, Jawbreaker), and the dainty Laura Harris (The Faculty, Suicide Kings). Other than on-screen talent, both these women share another trait, their elegantly magnetic personalities. Watch out for these two, they have been known to charm, and moisten their viewers.

The leading role of this ridiculously sarcastic sitcom is played by Ellen Muth. Her ability to act, as well as narrate, seems to flow so naturally from her, that I almost wonder if she is acting at all. Her dry humor, gloomy-satirical attitude, and her sassy spirit are reason enough to watch this. Georgia Lass (Ellen Muth) isn’t just another dime a dozen leading bimbo, she, as well as this entire show, is for the cynical, the snarky, the jaded, the witty, morbid, and the realist. Here’s to you Peanut!

Aside from having the most comically inventive collection of ways to die aside from “1,000 Ways to Die,” this show has something else that makes it stand alone; a unique spin on the afterlife. Morbidity and tragedies aside, there’s nothing like being a grim reaper, except maybe working a dead end low paying job for the rest of your life. I have not quite made up my mind if the writers have presented us with a hopeful view of the afterlife, or a mundane one.

UNFORTUNATELY, this show consisted of ONLY 29 sarcastic and inappropriate episodes before it was canceled. FORTUNATELY, that does mean two things; the show does not drag on until you resent the network for destroying everything you ever cared about, and you can totally binge through this ***** on a lazy weekend in. Or if you are like me, in one day flat. Another bonus is although this show appears to be a bit on the morbid side, it’s is fairly age-friendly.

Whether you are a cynical personality or an optimistic one, this show acts as a sarcastic sponge that will suck you right in. Get some jammies on and get comfortable. You will not regret it, or you might, I don’t know you on that level.

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Episode Count: 29
Approximate Duration: 22 hours

Written By Rachael (Hein) Rumancek