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It has been said that today, around 10% of the U.S. population – that’s 57 million Americans – listen to podcasts every month.

What was once an under-seen industry sheltered away on iTunes, is now a mainstay success in everything entertainment, information, and “talk culture”.

What is podcasting you may ask? For all of its blossomed success, many still don’t understand what a podcast actually is; maybe somewhere around 280 million of those other Americans?

Podcasts are essentially pre-recorded shows in audio format (no cameras, just microphones) made available – sometimes as part of an ongoing series – on the Internet for downloading onto a computer or other device for the listener’s leisure and pleasure. Think archived radio shows, without the typical interruptions, in this case, of the next top 40 hit single. Podcasts instead consist of a panel of people just talking about a specific subject, or multitude thereof.

One particular panel of people, of the geek culture variety, Chad Oliver, and Cody Lunsford, offer up many things “geek” on their program, Four Eyes Podcast Network.

Most recently, the guys at Four Eyes were able to raise over $1200 dollars through an Indiegogo campaign so they could keep bringing you the geek-worthy goodness to satiate all appetites involved in the podcasting business, both speakers and listeners alike.

“The goal with Four Eyes Podcast Network is to create pop culture, comedy and nerd-focused podcasts that are entertaining and original. Since the definition of nerd is loose and the best definition is one who feels very passionate about a particular subject, we would love in the future, to reach many different niches of nerddom.” – Cody Lunsford, co-founder of Four Eyes Podcast Network
Four Eyes’ flagship podcast series is called “Binge-A-Long with the Binge Brothers”, being Chad Oliver and Cody Lunsford.

The panel chooses easily accessible TV shows for listeners, wherein they binge through multiple episodes (2 one hour episodes per show, 4 thirty minute episodes per show) as the listeners follow along at home.

Throughout each installment, the panel breaks down episodes, sharing opinions, trivia, theories, observations, and random thoughts.

As of the writing of this article, Chad and Cody are binging through Freeform’s (formerly ABC Family’s) Pretty Little Liars. If a couple of 22-year-old males binge watching a soapy drama, with a teenage girl demographic, doesn’t sound fun, then I don’t know what to tell you because that’s just good stuff.

Other series available from Four Eyes include:

Mark and Cody Review the Entire Universe ( or MaCRtEU, pronounced Mack-Ra-Two) wherein Cody Lunsford and Mark Watlington review anything and everything under the sun. Review topics include Captain America: Civil War, the planet Pluto, going to the movies, brushing your teeth in the shower, possums, and Steph Curry. Think if that “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” episode where Charlie and Dee try podcasting actually ended well, and we indeed wound up with a podcast resulting in passionate arguments on irreverent topics.

Plot Prophets, hosted by Chad Oliver and Curtis Hammons, takes a hypothetical look at the latest movie trailers and tries to predict the movie based on the trailers and the resulting theories they create. Each movie contains two Plot Prophet episodes, one pertaining to the actual predictions made, and the other, coming back to see who’s predictions were correct and who’s were wrong, therefore determining that week’s winner.

All of Four Eyes Podcast Network’s series can be found on Facebook by simply searching the name.

Other places to find Four Eyes Podcasting Network:

– Twitter: @foureyesnetwork
– Instagram: @foureyesnetwork
– Reddit: (for show suggestions and panelist/listener discussions)

Bing-A-Long with the Binge Brothers
– Twitter: @bingealong

Mark and Cody Review the Entire Universe
– Twitter: @macrteu

– Josh Price
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