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Forged in Fire
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Forged in Fire is a reality, competition-based TV show, seeing a number of blacksmiths compete against each other for the grand prize of $10,000 and notoriety as the Forged in Fire champion. Each episode sees the blacksmiths given a set of materials to either utilize or choose from, being required to forge from scratch, a blade based on specific specifications and parameters set by the judges, who are historical weapons experts. Often times, these specifications and parameters may dictate a certain length be achieved of the blade, or a special feature be added, such as serrations. The weapons are tested against targets, including ballistic gel human torso replicas to simulate the effective deadliness of the weapons. Following this, the two remaining contestants who “make the cut” are sent home and given five days to forge a weapon chosen by the judges, examples being a Japanese katana and a Viking battle axe.

Time Commitment: 4 Seasons