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The British create some of the hottest and most intense detective shows on television, Whitechapel is no exception. This intense series is split into 4 short seasons of intense crime mysteries that show London drenched in blood from several unusual crimes. In the very first season, a man stalks the night looking for vulnerable women to butcher. He kills several women while the city grows increasingly scared that they may be the next victim. What’s worse, is that the police are completely clueless and have no evidence, leads or motives to help them catch the killer. If you think of the title and description that this story is about Jack The Ripper in the 19th century, think again. Whitechapel takes place in modern times. In the first season, there is someone hellbent on creating the infamous and brutal murders of Jack The Ripper.

Three very different detectives will have to team up to kill this bold killer, but it won’t be easy. DI Chandler is a complete novice to the world of murder, but he knows his way around the world of politics in the policing world. Chief DS Miles is a cynical detective who’s seen it all and doesn’t have much hope for finding the killer. The last detective is “Ripperologist” Edward Buchan, who is the first to realize that the modern day killer is a copycat killer who is so determined to be like Jack The Ripper that he copies the murders down to the very last detail. Will these detectives be able to do what cops couldn’t do 100 years before and actually catch the killer before he disappears back into the shadows?

Whitechapel has a great storyline as well as good writing, but the best thing about it is its gothic style and British wit. Whitechapel is smarter than a lot of police dramas. The characters and plot points are realistic and create a world that doesn’t feel too far from our own. Some of the scenes are also quite chilling so, if your horror fan, you will definitely get some thrills from this ambitious show. If you love British dramas, you must give this show a chance.

The first two seasons are just three episodes each, but last two seasons are each made up of six episodes. All episodes are forty-five minutes long. You can stream the chilling Whitechapel show on Amazon Prime.