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Not to be confused with the hit AMC Zombie show The Walking Dead, Waking The Dead was an award winning cop/forensic show that aired on BBC. If you’ve ever watched anything on the BBC then you know that BBC television is by far darker and more grittier than American television. Waking The Dead is no exception. If you were ever turned off by the glamorous tone of CSI, or worse the really bad CSI Miami, then you might want to give Waking The Dead a try.

The show contains a very similar theme to another popular CBS show: Cold Case. Cold Case featured detectives solving old cases with new technology and better investigation procedures. Where Waking The Dead supersedes both these shows is it’s knack for getting down and dirty in to the world of crime without any of Hollywood flare. Another highlight of this show is the fact that it seamlessly moves between the case-of-the-week format and more personal cases that appear throughout several episodes of the season.

The acting is exceptionally performed by a nicely diverse cast of characters (in both personality and ethnic makeup). The pacing in Waking The Dead is a little slower than what the American audience is used to, but that is also apart of the appeal. It doesn’t feel rushed and the show doesn’t feel forced to settle everything in one episode. In fact, some story lines seem to play out throughout the entire season.

The no nonsense performances along with the sharp writing is what will keep you glued to each episode from beginning to end. Because it airs on a cable channel, the content is much more adult then what you would find on network television and that is also part of it’s charm.

Waking The Dead didn’t run nearly as long as the American CSI, but it did run for total of 9 seasons and 90 episodes. Waking The Dead is several long streaming sessions of amazing British sleuthing! The show is currently streaming on Hulu.