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A beautiful 12 year-old girl walks herself in to a freezing New Zealand Lake one night in a heart breaking attempt to kill herself. Sadly, this isn’t the worse part of this little girl’s story. 12 year-old Tui is pregnant and she hides many disturbing secrets about how she got this way. Detective Robin Griffin is concerned about Tui’s well being even though it seems not everyone is. Things take a turn for the worst however when little Tui goes missing. Griffin finds herself surrounded and even drowning in small-town secrets.

Several things about this show initially turned me off. I didn’t think Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss would make a very good gritty detective and the story line of the show felt very over used. I was completely wrong about Elisabeth Moss. She is extremely believable as a everyday cop just trying to do her best to find a missing girl. As far as the story line, it still didn’t feel like anything particularly original but, its presentation was certainly different. Top of The Lake felt very much like a reboot of Twin Peaks so, if you like that show you certainly will appreciate this one. The cinematography is breath taking and is apart of what draws you in to the series. There’s even a surprisingly strange performance delivered by Holly Hunter that although sometimes feels like a gimmick, it is virtually unforgettable.

This show is definitely an acquired taste. If you’re looking for an out-of-the-ordinary noir detective show, then all 7 episodes are worth watching. Since each episode is only an hour a piece, it’s a relatively low commitment series. Even though the show premiered in 2013, the new season won’t air until sometime in 2017. This leaves you with plenty of time to stream the short series through Netflix.