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The Time in Between or El tiempo entre costuras is a period piece set in Spain on the brink of World War II. It follows the story of a young Spanish girl named Sira Quiroga, who grows up alongside her mother Dolores in a haute couture fashion workshop. Being a smart working-class girl, who knows you do what you must do to survive, Sira throws herself into becoming a seamstress, absorbing everything. Finally, everything in her life seems to be going well, she knows the ins and outs of the haute couture business and she’s engaged to a simple but kind man. But what’s a good show without a little drama?

Sira is rocked off balance as two different men enter her life. One, an attractive man who knows how to sell more than just what’s in his briefcase, and the estranged father she never met. Driven by irrational love and a curiosity she can’t control, Sira abandons her stable life and instead dives head first into chaos. Her personal battles almost parallel the nearing war. She quickly finds herself overcome with betrayal and heartbreak. Lost, broke, and alone, Sira seeks out the only thing she knows: sewing.

Through an interesting turn of events, Sira finds herself in ownership of her own haute couture dress shop. The conflict of war increases daily as countries around her join in the fight. Her connections grow as her business grows and suddenly, after yet another daring decision, a seamstress becomes a mistress of espionage. The war is no longer a far-off thought, but rather a very near reality of her life. With the world of fashion as her cover, Sira digs deep into information, as she sews for Nazi officer’s wives.

Will the seams of her lie hold up? Or will Sira find herself exposed?

Available on Netflix
Time Commitment: 1 Season
Why Its Worth The Binge: This Spanish drama is a must watch, filled with danger, love, betrayal, and fashion.

– Jonna Feavel
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