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The sexy actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers wasn’t the only reason to watch the highly acclaimed show The Tudors. The Tudors is a historical fiction show that traces the early years of the infamous King Henry VIII’s nearly 40- year reign of England. Although there is a lot political intrigue, scandal and sword fighting, this show is all about being sexy. If you thought all historical dramas were stuffy and boring, then think again! The Tudors dives into Henry’s many female companions throughout his reign such as Catherine of Aragon or Anne Boleyn (although the series will show you that there were much more).

When The Tudors is not focusing on the women Henry beds, its exploring the political relationships he had with important, real-life figures such as Sir Thomas More, Cardinal Wolsey, (who was the head of the Catholic Church of England) at the time and Charles Brandon ( a frisky Duke of Suffolk who was Henry’s best friend and unofficial adviser). If you’re a history buff and like your historical dramas 100% accurate, you’re going to want to skip this UK/Canadian show. Although it does take facts from King Henry VIII’s very compelling life, it embellishes on a lot which is part of what makes the show so watchable.

The Tudors even won an Emmy for Best Costume. The acting is 100% believable even with the show’s scandalous soap-opera vibe. If you want to see where modern day Superman Henry Cavil got his show, you can see him here ( with many naked scenes to boot) as Henry’s woman hungry best friend. This show does not set out to make Henry The VIII look any better. If we’re being honest, he’s no ones favorite King, but he is certainly one of the most interesting ones.

The show may have only been on 4 seasons and had 40 episodes, but it has certainly left its mark on television as one of the best historical dramas ever on television. Each episode is about an hour long and you can stream this show through Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Even though it’s been off for 6 years, thanks to the world of streaming, you can still find plenty of people caught up in its political charm.