When one episode is not enough!

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Before it was a low-rated show on NBC, The Slap was actually the a critically acclaimed miniseries in Australia. Like many American shows that are based off of international programming, the original is must see television. The program is based off of a book with the same name by author Christos Tsiolkas. The novel was a bestselling hit and it’s not hard to see why. The plot line of the story is very simple. A group of family and friends get together to have an afternoon party. At one point in the party, a man slaps a child for being a brat, the child isn’t his.

Such a simple incident ignites a series of horrible repercussions that neither side will ever forget. When first reading the title it’s easy to wonder how deep such a topic can be, but the answer is extremely deep. The show explores the secrets and inner turmoil of everyday middle class living. It makes you take a serious look at what is deemed morally acceptable in our society and what is not.

The Australian cast is diverse and the characters are very different. This gives the show a more real life feel as each character is 3 dimensional. It doesn’t take long for you to learn that there’s more that meets the eye to each person involved in the “slapping incident.”

Unlike the American version, the Australian show includes solid acting performances. The show is an 8 episode miniseries that will have you feeling a wide variety of emotions. This series does have an amazingly high shock factor surrounding how crazy things can get. While it might be hard to believe at first, stranger things have certainly taken place. Since there is only 1 season and 8 episodes to watch, you can get through this amazing series in a day or weekend.