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The Returned TV Show: Many American viewers are not aware that many of the engrossing shows on television are remakes of foreign shows. The Returned is no different. Before it was a a short lived show on A&E, it was a short lived show in France. Neither the foreign nor the American show picked up buzz, but the French version did receive critical acclaim. The American version on the other hand failed to gain too much viewership or acclaim.

The Returned (Les Revenants) is a slow boiling show about a sleepy French town that suddenly finds it’s dead coming back to life. If you’re thinking “The Walking Dead,” this isn’t that type of show. The “zombies” are not disgusting rotting corpses hell bent on making a meal out of human flesh. The living dead in this series are simply looking to start their lives from where they left off. However, they soon find out that their loved ones have already mourned them and completely moved on with their new lives. Even more strange events begin to happen throwing their family’s lives further in to chaos.

The show definitely explores some hard hitting themes. Wouldn’t it be great to have a dead loved one suddenly come back in to your life? While the answer maybe yes initially, the show displays how quickly things can go south. When you’ve put that person permanently out of your life, how do you let them back in again?

The show is dark and brooding without a lot of twists and turns, but it is still a great show about the human condition. Unfortunately, the show only lasted one season that was made up of 8 episodes. However, this does make the show great to binge watch over a weekend.