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The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency follows the bold and creative Mma Precious Ramotswe as she opens Botswana’s first female-owned detective agency. She hires the ultra smart Grace Makutsi to be her assistant. Together the women solve a variety of products all while looking great and sipping amazing red-bush tea.

The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency is truly one of a kind and that’s what makes it so sad that it only lasted one short season. Although the show is filmed with a mix of African and American actresses, it is filmed in Botswana. One of the reasons the show may have been canceled is because it does not include nearly as much extreme sex and violence as other HBO shows.

The HBO adaption of the bestselling book series by Alexander McCall Smith is heart warming and heart felt. You will start one show in complete smiles, but end it in total tears. It’s a drama that deserved so much more than just one season. If you want to experience the magic of this show that portrays African women as strong, intelligent and beautiful, watch it through the HBO Go streaming service.