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Before House of Cards became one of the most watched shows on Netflix, it was a bestselling book. Not too long after the political novel was released, a very popular BBC show aired in 1995. It’s true, as usual, we get some of our best on screen material from the Brits. House of Cards is no exceptions! When the show originally aired on BBC in 1995, it aired as a trilogy. It tells the fast-paced story of British politician Francis Urquhart who gets passed up for a political promotion. Urquhart feels that without a doubt he has worked hard to get where he is at and deserves to go further.

With a wife that proves more cut throat than him, Urquhart launches a plan of revenge against a political system he is desperate to get to the top of. As with usual British fair, this version of political corruption has no bells and whistles. Actor Ian Richardson won a BAFTA award for best actor and his performance is truly extraordinary. Each episode is an hour of thrilling plot twists and pulse pounding drama. The House of Cards Trilogy won an Emmy for Outstanding writing. It is jaw-dropping how much intense dialogue they can pack in to one episode.

Even though the show is entitled “The House of Cards Trilogy,” the mini-series actually has 4 episodes. Each episode is about 56 minutes long. Sadly, that’s far less than the American version. However, that doesn’t mean the show is less dramatic or shocking. It’s clear why American producers felt they needed to bring this political drama to the states. No one does drama quite like the British!

This show can easily be watched over a weekend (or a weekend afternoon). The show contains 4 episodes that are 56 minutes long. The House of Cards Trilogy is available for streaming on Netflix.