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This unique 3 part series goes behind the scenes of detectives who sole purpose is to solve sex crimes. If you immediately start thinking about the American show Law and Order:SVU, think again. These are real life cases with real life struggles and real life detectives. The series takes place in Britain making it sometimes a bit difficult to understand what the detectives or narrator are saying. This is an easy fix by turning on Netflix’s caption feature.

The 3 part series start off with one story line that flows throughout all three episodes and then one mini story in each episode. The mini-stories are just as heart wrenching yet intriguing as the main story line. The first episode introduces you to the high-profile sexual abuse investigation of Ray Teret. Teret is a DJ in Manchester who’s being accused of a string of sexual offenses against school age girls in the 60s and leading in to the 70s. The case first blows open when a women steps forward and accuses Teret of rape when she was only 12 years-old.

However, the police have a heavy task on their hands when they don’t have any DNA or video to work with to prove the supposed victim’s case. The cops are not going to give up on this “he said, she said” case. They dig deep down in to their bag of tricks to figure out away to bring Teret up on charges.

The second show highlights an investigation in to a man named Mark Cox. Cox is being accused of taking part in online-grooming that eventually leads to the rape of a 12 year-old girl. What’s so scary about this case is that Cox is only 17 and he is clearly looking to become a sexual predator.

As great as fictional police dramas may be, you find out quickly after watching this show that it is not at all like things are handled in real life. Cases are sadly not tied up in to a little bow and the monster behind the crime may not pay to the fullest for what he’s done. There’s no explosive or staged moments from the detectives themselves. It’s a subtle, but startling look in to the day-to-day procedures of a detective unit.

If you’re familiar with the long standing reality show First 48 (where detectives work their hardest to solve the case during the crucial first 48 hours after the crime), then you know there aren’t any overtly shocking twists in this real life police dramas. The biggest surprise of The Detectives comes from the sad realization that people do increasingly horrible things to each other and their must always be people around to catch these criminals.

Since this series is not even 3 complete hours, it’s great for one afternoon’s entertainment in to a very dark world and the only people who hold the key to a chance at healing.