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Ever wonder what life would be like if you had an acute sense of smell? Would it open up a world of new adventure or would it make life unbearable to your other senses? A detective named The Sniffer knows all about what it’s like to have an incredible sense of smell. His nickname is not a joke. The Sniffer has such a high sense of smell that the police department depends on this power to help him solve his toughest crimes. He detects and reveals things about suspects that they desperately want to keep hidden. If there is anything he can’t see, can definitely smell it! Like any gift, his high sense of smell can also be a curse.

If you like police dramas, but are tired of the same format being done over and over again, The Sniffer is totally worth a view. It’s not often our website recommends a show all the way from Russia, but if you don’t mind a few subtitles then this is a show you’ll want to add to your binge que.

The Sniffer isn’t just some quirky detective that solves crimes after the fact with his strong sense of smell, he saves lives before major events happen. For example, in the very first episode The Sniffer smells something that doesn’t belong on an airplane: acetone peroxide plasticized to make celluloid. There is only one reason this scent is being smelled on a plane: a terrorist wants to blow it out of the sky! Now that The Sniffer has detected a major crime, what is he going to do to stop this catastrophic event from going any further?

Can The Sniffer use his sense of smell to solve some of his personal issues such as getting the police to drop drug charges against his own son? Every episode has a stirring story line that highlights just how…different The sniffer really is.

Season 1 containing 8 episodes is currently streaming on Amazon Prime with each episode being 50 minutes a piece.