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Slasher is a Canadian show that’s received a lot of buzz since it recently hit Netflix. The makers of Slasher have admitted that the show was inspired by American Horror Story and it is a per season anthology series. The first season opens with the murder of a couple 30 years ago by a serial killer called “The Executioner.” The woman is pregnant when she is murdered and the baby is cut from her womb. 30 years later, “the baby” is all grown up and moving back to the town of Waterbury to start a new life with her husband. Sarah Bennett even makes the bold move to move back into the house her parents were murdered in. As soon as Sarah and her husband Dylan move into their new beautiful home, the murders start all over again. The original killer, whose real name is Tom Winston, is in jail so he’s obviously not the one committing the murders. Since there is another monster behind the mask, that means there is a whole new set of motivations behind the murders. The new Executioner can’t be stopped until his identity is exposed.
Until The Executioner is stopped, everyone in the town of Waterbury is the suspected murderer or a victim.

Slasher is the first original series to air on the channel Chiller and it is a pretty damn impressive first venture. The show plays up old fashion horror troupes while providing fresh frights and smart plot twist. The characters are typical of what you’d find in a horror film, but the satirical nature of this makes it all the more fun. This horror show is not for the faint of heart. In the first four minutes of the show, a man and pregnant woman are brutally butchered and murdered. The violence and gore is on par with what you’d see in a horror film. There’s some pretty strong sexual content seen throughout the show as well so Slasher is not afraid to push the limits at all. Slasher recently concluded their first season in April so, there has been no word yet on whether it was renewed for a second season or not. With great reviews and pretty solid ratings, a second season is looking hopeful. If you’re like me, you will discover this show first Netflix as opposed to the Chiller channel (which is only available on Direct TV anyway). Netflix will certainly help to boost the show’s popularity as well.

The first season contains 8 hour long episodes and is exclusively on Netflix right now.