When one episode is not enough!

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Before the American version of Secrets and Lies came to US television, a much better version aired on Australian television. The striking psychological drama peeled back the curtain of what can go on behind seemingly quiet suburban walls. An ordinary man named Ben goes for a jog in the woods and makes a horrible discovery: the dead body of a four year-old boy. Ben’s life plunges straight in to darkness as he becomes a prime suspect n the child’s murders. How does an ordinary man go from being straight laced to being a child killer? Ben believes at first that surely the evidence will clear his name, but as the evidence builds up around him he realizes that he will have to work hard to clear his name.

As he works to clear his name, he finds that he can no longer trust the people around him. What secrets do the cops have that are investigating the case. Ben may find himself in the middle of a crime web so sordid, his life will never be the same again! The twists and turns abound in this series leaving no room for a boring episode. Although the ABC series is intriguing, the acting and writing in the Australian version is far more superior. You’re constantly put in a position to question who you can trust, who is guilty of killing the boy and who is guilty in general. If you’ve never watched the American version of Secrets and Lies than skip it altogether and give the Australian version a shot. If you have watched the American version, the Australian version will have so much more to offer you.

Technically, the show is a miniseries made up of 6 episodes with each one being 45 minutes each. The episodes fly by until it reaches a shocking climax! The entire show can be streamed on Amazon Prime.