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Anyone who loves the dark, gritty detective shows we’ve come to expect from the BBC should definitely binge watch Ripper Street. Ripper Street digs into the Jack The Ripper story like never before. In this fictional series, the streets of London’s broken down East End are filling up with bodies. However, this is no longer the 19th century and it can’t possibly be the work of the infamous Jack The Ripper. A copycat killer is now stalking the streets of London and just like before, the police have no clue about who’s behind the murders.

There are no glossy streets of London seen here. Everyone is dark and dangerous, including the cops. The threat of crime is always around the corner and the ladies of the night are always in danger. There are currently 2 seasons streaming on Netflix. Each episode is around 58 minutes a piece so, there is plenty of dark, crime goodness to indulge in.