When one episode is not enough!

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The entire first season of Narcos is being praised by critics and viewers a like. With most of the show spoken in Spanish, the series definitely scores major authenticity points. Narcos has been criticized however, for not being more historically accurate. If you’re looking for a lot of drama along side of facts, then you might want to check out Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal.

The show ended in 2012,but had a very long run. Even though Netflix classifies the entire show as one season. That one season has a total of 74 episodes! Pablo Escobar starts with the man growing up during a very violent time in Columbia. The series ends with his very violent take down as the world’s biggest drug king pin, many years later. Narcos still has a light sheen of glossiness that can be seen throughout the series, but this show takes every ounce of that away.

Pablo Escobar has raw and gritty performances that take you deep inside the mindset and lives of the people involved in the blood soaked drug business. This show is spoken exclusively in Spanish and you do need subtitles to watch it (unless you speak Spanish of course). This only adds even more great quality to this in depth and dramatic Colombian produced series.


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