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TV is full of coming of age stories but, I can promise you, you’ve never seen one like this. My Mad Fat Diary takes a unique and more honest approach to how it feels to come into age when you’re not a popular teenager who’s a size two. The show is set in the 90s city of Lincolnshire, London (and you can totally tell from of all of the colorful fashion). As a plus-size girl myself this show is a victory for women everywhere. The show follows Rae, who’s sixteen and plus-size. She wants everything a normal girl her age wants, friends, sex and fun, However, her fragile mental state and large frame are making it hard for her to accomplish any of the things she longs to do.

The bold show starts off with Rae being discharged from a psychiatric center where she is being treated for having extreme anger issues. All she wants to do is have the same fun life as some of her friends but, that is not always possible when her anger constantly gets the best of her. As a senior in high in high-school, Rae knows this could be her last chance to be recognized or find love. Rae is taking dangerous chances to get seen by her peers, making her wonder if in the end she’ll ever truly be happy.

Although some of the characters can be a bit stereotypical: the popular cheerleader, the shock jock, the quiet book nerd, all of the roles are very well acted. The actors on screen (whether they really are or not) come across as real kids in London. Although this show deals with adult subject matters, for teens over 16, My Mad Fat Diary is a show teens can truly relate to.

Season 1 and 2 (16 episodes) that are 48 minutes each can be streamed on Hulu.